Win-win situations are very rare, both in life and in business.

Investing in one’s self or one’s company usually involves an investment tradeoff. Very rarely does an opportunity come along to streamline business processes with an almost immediate positive impact on cost savings. Implementing the right construction management software solution is just one of these rare occasions. The investment in software is offset by a simplified process, producing savings related to both personnel and efficiency costs.

Construction-Specific Vs. General Project Management Tools

Construction management software is simply a project management tool designed specifically for construction professionals. A simple definition but a complex undertaking. Some off-the-shelf solutions being marketed today are just repackaged project management tools adapted to meet some, but not all, of the needs of a construction firm. These tools lack basic functions, such as construction-centric vernacular, metrics and methodologies.

Your Next Construction Management Software Must Add Value—Not Just Solve a Pressing Problem

What should one look for in effective construction management software? The software solution should be customizable to meet the needs of your company and the unique opportunities it faces. It should also have the flexibility to adapt to multiple projects, both now and in the future. A good software solution will add value to your company, not just solve an immediate problem.

The rigidity or limitations of the software solution should not force your company to compromise or dictate procedures. No two companies are the exact same, and the software solution needs to have the flexibility to grow and scale alongside the company. An efficient management system will allow you to outline risks, permitting you to comfortably seek out larger and more complex jobs.

Two Must-Have Features—And How They Can Solve Your Process Issues

We’ve given a 40,000-foot view of what to look for in a construction management software solution, but what are some specific features that really make a difference. The two biggest features that can elevate your system to the next level are automated workflows and e-mail notifications.

  1. Automated Workflows
    Workflow automation helps reduce time spent on repetitive administrative tasks, freeing up employees to spend more time on their primary responsibilities. Automating forms and documents, for example, improves efficiency and has the added benefit of cutting down on human errors. Fewer human errors equate to lower risk for the company, which in turn, leads to lower blood pressure for the project manager.
  2. E-mail Notifications
    Implementing a system with automated notifications improves the communication efficiency amongst all stakeholders. E-mail notifications and instant updates have the ability to constantly update progress in real time, promote employee accountability and encourage communication within your team. Once a task has fallen behind, automated notifications is an easy and efficient way to spur communication and action in order to address the issue.

In Summary

The right construction management software should be easy to implement and should produce almost immediate benefits. A customizable platform goes a long way towards streamlining operations and enhancing efficiencies, which allows your team to focus on getting work done.

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