Streamlined functionality at your fingertips

PM Vitals’ modular system enables you to select precisely the functionality you need when designing your software package with us.

From document management to operational reports, we have a number of tools to choose from that will help you tame the chaos and streamline your project management.

Many of these modules are available as mobile applications, and the rest are all mobile-friendly. We offer dashboard views to quickly get the information that is most relevant to your role—choose from a predefined template or create your own.

Additionally, we offer reports that can be exported as PDFs or Excel spreadsheets. There are many report templates to choose from. You can also set up automated notifications for submittals, upcoming work, past due alerts, and more.

See PM Vitals in Action

As you can see, PM Vitals has created a product designed specifically to meet the needs of the construction industry, and we support that product 100%.

From your first phone call with us until long after you’re up and running with the software, you will be impressed with our dedication to your success. Request your demo of our software today by calling (888) 733-8520 or using our easy online form.