Our Approach is an Engaged Approach

Configurable software means insight into what drives performance to your unique business and role.

Imagine being able to access the information YOU need to improve performance in your hands anytime. Imagine having your entire team able to quickly access, create, and track what they need to in order to keep things on track.

Well, that is our goal.

Each business is different. What’s important to one role or business may matter less to other stakeholders. Tailoring a project management software that provides exactly what is needed to teams and decision makers takes time, but we are here every step of the way.

Whether it is a better way to move documents, create and track labor or budgets, or get the real-time executive level visibility needed for decisions that drive business, we strive to understand what’s important and configure the right modules that do just that.

Unparalleled Support

Where others have a Help Desk, we have a dedicated Account Manager who can provide not just generic support, but will get to know your business and culture and will work long after implementation to ensure your system continuously aligned with a growing business.

We approach every new client with a single goal—building a system that drastically improves your team’s performance and your long-term business success.

Flexible Configuration

Although your business is unique, you are not alone. We have seen enough to know which modules make the most sense for each role. Owners, General Contractors and Specialty Contractors can pick from our many modules and helpful tools to make up your system’s configuration.

We have organized the most popular modules typically used by Owners, General Contractors, and Specialty Contractors below. To explore more, click one and discover the best fit for you.

Project Managers: Get the power to manage your jobs efficiently and affordably so projects stay on time AND on budget. Check out the modules we offer!

Ready for a new kind of partner?

If you’re ready to explore the kind of software that offers everything you need—and doesn’t make you pay for features you’ll never use—give PM Vitals a call.

We’ll talk through the challenges you’re currently facing and find a time to take you through a demo of the modules we think will be a great fit for you. Call us at (888) 733-8520 or request a demo online today!