PM Solutions

PM Vitals offers a range of project management solutions for construction businesses that help project managers offer reliable estimate, schedule work, ensure timely completion and account for abrupt and unexpected changes at any stage of the project.

PM Solutions Overview

At PM Vitals, our project management tools can seamlessly integrate into your business function and provide real-time reporting on all aspects of your projects. These include:

  • Scheduler (GANTT): Using Critical Path analysis, you can easily schedule work and assign tasks with simple drag and drop features. The overall user interface is both interactive and highly intuitive
  • Meeting & Task Manager: This project management solution helps in coordinating all your activities by creating manageable tasks. It also ensures transparency at every stage of the project
  • Document Manager: This makes it easy for project managers to review, retrieve and manage project documents from different locations. You can even share documents with all key stakeholders of your project
  • Change Manager: The change management module works in collaboration with other system tools and simplifies all complexities that arise due to the administrative and technical functions.
  • Quantity Takeoff: This tool helps you in managing all your work processes. It also helps in determining the maturity of the project plan, the buyouts and the scope of all work to be conducted
  • Bid Manager: This application helps in receiving, reviewing, submitting and storing all document files through a secure database. It improves coordination between your team members
  • Dashboard: Clear and highly customized dashboards allow you to set up KPIs, view stats and results and publish reports in a few simple clicks
  • Progress Tracker: This application helps in keeping a check on the physical progress of your project. The Constructive Progress feature also makes subcontractor payments easier
  • Daily Logs & RFIs: The Daily Log module is easy to update with all the opening and closing inventory levels and percentage of work completed. RFIs are fully optimized to match your best practices
  • Safety, Equipment and Quality Manager: OSHA 300, 300A and 301A reporting, asset management and tracking nonconforming conditions (NCR’s) helps improve the overall quality of your project and comply with all legal and regulatory requirements
  • Training Tracker: Update all project team training records with respect to their licenses, certification and experience. Setup classes and manage job-training through the training tracker solution.

To learn more about our solutions, please feel free to contact us!