Change Management Software

Changes are inevitable, at all stages of a project and they can have an adverse effect on your project progression if they are not accounted for and incorporated on a timely basis.

PM Vitals offers multipurpose Change Order Management Software that helps in removing all technical and administrative complexities from your project to ensure that it remains in the best commercial position.

How it Works

Measuring changes and reporting on variances is an integral part of any project. It allows project managers to identify all favorable and unfavorable variances and revise the total project estimate, at any stage of completion.

The software is suited for all commercial projects, regardless of the size, deadline and volume of data involved. It reports even on the slightest deviations from the standard project plan and helps your team identify all bottlenecks, inefficiencies and unfavorable environmental or regulatory changes that may require a re-estimate of project costs.

The change manager is compatible with all project management software and can easily integrate into your existing setup to:

  • Identify all changes and potential changes at all stages of the project
  • Ensure that none of the commercial impacts on the project are overlooked
  • Track all multiple quotes from a wide range of contractors and associates
  • Manage the overall project and post-implementation review
  • Approve or disapprove any changes occurring from the original project plan

To learn more about how the change manager works, please feel free to contact us!