Document Manager

For any project management business, both data volume and business documents grow (in terms of volume and complexity) as the project progresses forward. An efficient document manager is therefore necessary to keep a track on all business transactions, client communications and compliance requirements, to ensure smooth progression of all the work. This requires a robust document management strategy.

PM Vitals offers effective document control software that allows project managers to review, store and reproduce all project-related documents from remote locations. This saves the time and hassle to prepare files and folders and classify all documents in their proper heads.

PM Vitals Solutions

At PM Vitals, we provide a range of customized solutions for project managers to ensure that their projects are completed well within the stipulated timeframe. Our document manager allows your project teams to easily receive, review, submit and store all doc files onto our secure and password protected Vital InSite document management solution.

This state-of-the-art submittal management solution facilitates better coordination between your project team personnel as well as your clients. You can easily transmit documents between your team members and the owners and contractors to ensure timely communication and project completion, without any miscommunication.

Keep all your stakeholders in the loop with the document manager’s information transfer module. This allows you to store all confidential project-related documents and progress reports on a secure platform, which can easily be accessed by your clients and stakeholders through personalized encryption keys.

The document manager allows you to:

  • Streamline all your business operations
  • Ensure legal and regulatory compliance through proper documentation
  • Verify all books of accounts by documenting payments and receipts
  • Fully document progress reports and project stage of completion
  • Maintain lasting relationship with all your clients

To learn more about our document management feature or to request a demo version, please feel free to contact us!