PM Planning Tools

PM Vitals offers a range of project management tools that help project managers simplify all complex, technical and administrative aspects of the project, manage the workflow smoothly, and ensure timely completion. Our constructiojn experience and expertise allows us to devise tailor-made solutions for all commercial projects.

The PM Vitals Approach

For project management companies, profitability and an expanding clientele base is contingent on timely completion of all projects – well within the estimates. Timely completion depends upon project planning tools deployed during the project planning stage.

PM Vitals is committed towards ensuring that all your projects stay on a commercially profitable path by offering one complete and comprehensive project management tool. This tool includes:

  • Scheduler (GANTT): Provides Critical Path scheduling tool for setting up constraints and project milestones and for setting up inter-task relationships
  • Meeting & Task Manager: Ensures better coordination between your project team and clients and establishes transparency at all project stages
  • Document Manager: Manages all business and project-related documents, provides a store of records and enables progression and post-implementation reviews
  • Change Manager: Monitors all changes at all stages of the project and helps in removing all technicalities due to changes in working conditions or the project plan
  • Quantity Takeoff: Determine the maturity of your plans, track progress, estimate the scope of work and buyouts, and set overall project estimates
  • Bid Manager: Review, receive and store all documents and tenders, to establish lasting relationships with all your clients
  • Dashboards: An integrated touch-screen compatible software that allows you to set KPIs, generate progress reports and ensure profitability
  • Progress Tracker: Helps you determine the physical stage of completion of your project, manage pay items and identify bottlenecks and inefficiencies
  • Daily Log: A simple tool that enables you to update daily work schedules and progress and assign open issues
  • RFIs: The robust RFI feature is optimized to meet your best practices and provides transparency and guarantees a healthy process
  • Safety & Equipment Management: For efficient management of resources and compliance with all labor and safety laws
  • Quality Management: Ensure TQM at all stages of the project

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