PM Vitals' Project Management Tools For Owners

Project management tools structured around your Capital Investment program help you develop projects, minimize risk and oversee contractors from an owner’s perspective

PM Vitals supports a variety of owner build programs and contracting approaches using its modular project management system. Systems are aligned to your unique needs in order to ensure you get the most from your contractors and the entire portfolio of projects achieves the greatest return on investement.

  • Maintain Control
  • Reduce Risk
  • Validate Quality to Your Standard
  • Minimize Effort
  • Get More from Contractors
  • Implement Your Process

System Helps You From Beginning to End

Most tools focus on the Construction phase alone leaving owners to administer the balance of a project portfolio using burdensome ad hoc methods instead of a smooth transition

A consistent management approach pays dividends to your portfolio



  • 100% Quality Expectations Achieved
  • 5% More Delivered Space
  • 7-10% Overall Cost Savings
  • 8-10% Shorter Overall Schedules
  • Procurement Planning & Development
  • Reduced Project Risk
  • Greater Certainty
  • Reduced Change Exposure
  • More Insight-Less Administration
  • Early Startup

Comparative Analysis Demonstrates The Value of a System Approach

A summary analysis of a project portfolio managed that moved from ad hoc methods to system methods showed significant improvments. Nearly 500 projects compared a variety of factors to determine that the overall portfolio was much more likely to experience projects being finished under budget and on or before schedule. Smaller projects that require a proportionately larger amount of administration experienced greater percentage of savings than larger projects.

Reduction of change exposure and better transparency resulted in earlier mitigation and less rework. A similar analysis of your portfolio could be established to help you understand the ROI relative you to your portfolio.