Industrial Processing Modification & Expansion

Industrial process modification requires a higher level of coordination and collaboration than many projects. Collaboration helps your organization minimize issues when modifications are being conducted during ongoing operation. The ability for multiple groups to collaborate helps to avoid surprises and provides highly effective tools to ensure boundaries are understood.

An effective alignment process allows you to define a system that will match your Quality and Safety programs enabling contractors and vendors to work in sync with Operations, this will help to avoid incidents and conflicts. Each of the many project management modules within PM Vitas can be configured to your existing protocols to adoption and uninterrupted operations.

The PM Vitals’ project management suite allows you to:

  • Coordinate construction efforts during ongoing operations
  • Achieve fast resolution of issues and questions to maintain schedule
  • Prioritize tasks and documents to the project schedule to work on priority
  • Incorporate your existing decision gate process
  • Manage all pertinent information organized with revisions controlled in one central location
  • Configure the system to fit your Quality Program no matter how rigorous
  • Implement safety modules to ensure contractors adhere to your culture
  • Provides access to ALL for effective collaboration