New Facility Build Programs

Managing a capital projects program of new and renovated facilities is a unique endeavor. PM Vitals is easily configured to address the special needs of a manager and management team overseeing facility expansions. The PM Vitals platform can embody the totality of your projects from the initial site selection and design, through project delivery and eventual turnover to the building occupants. Even when facilities are scattered geographically, the cloud based application keeps you close to your projects and involved with your team: architects, engineers, contractors.

It is important to recognize that different companies supporting the work have their own systems. These are part of their project delivery process. The purpose of these tools is their self-interest. PM Vitals provides a cost effective tool that helps all players collaborate in a singe platform, avoids impacting a contractor’s process, but is intentionally configured for the owner’s self-interest.

Select only the modules that make sense to your contracting approach. Avoid paying for things that contractors need to manage their crews and configure the select modules you need to avoid being managed by your contractors.

The PM Vitals’ project management suite allows you to:

  • Ensure consistent and repeatable project delivery
  • Minimize the need for or make most of each site visit
  • Report effectively to various stakeholders
  • Align the tools to match your Best Practices
  • Stay engaged with Architect/Engineer and Contractors
  • Reduce project cost and improve schedule certainty
  • Produce highly effective summary reports to ensure accountability
  • Integrate with Contractors existing means and methods
  • Ensure highly effective meetings, follow-through and task completion