New Manufacturing Equipment Installations

As if the oversight of the construction effort is not enough! You effort includes ensuring that the oversight of major equipment is effectively being managed. What does this really mean to you? It depends on whether you have a separate team supporting your design, procurement and expediting OR you’re on your own. Regardless of support, someone needs to make sure the equipment deliveries are supporting the schedule. In order to ensure slippages are avoided, all of the work being performed must be managed within one system.

Oversight of Major Equipment includes managing vendor production schedules, managing the submittal review process, expediting of those documents, expediting the fabrication schedule to delivery, receipt of major equipment, installation and final acceptance of major equipment. This is no easy task.

Being prepared to support this effort will allow for you to:

  • Effectively Commission & Turnover equipment to Operations & Maintenance
  • Define and verify all Quality and Testing requirements
  • Facilitate global collaboration between internal organizations & your vendors
  • Coordinate the purchase order and all line items for schedule adherence
  • Organize the full set of documentation and revisions through the process
  • Define acceptance criteria and validate criteria are fully met and documented
  • Coordinate a global supply chain to keep things progressing
  • Avoid surprises and delays to delivery schedule and cost increases
  • Easy to use modules ensures effective engagement by infrequent users and stakeholders