Upgraded Facility Infrastructure

Facility upgrade projects create unique challenges to the use and operations of a facility. These upgrades require a number of unique attributes to be applied for an effective project management approach.

As projects are put forward for consideration in current and future year capital investment budgets they will mature in a variety of ways. Long before a project is approved, an array of information is developed and revised. Tools will be needed to identify and reduce risk helping to see the total picture for each project. As design is developed all stakeholders will be informed. As projects shift from planning and design to implementation, the system allows the seamless ability to manage the construction through turnover.

The PM Vitals’ project management suite will allow you to:

  • Achieve the overall ROI from your project portfolio
  • Maintain all decision documenation from project inception to Turnover in one tool
  • Integrate with your plant systems making Turnover seamless
  • Engage team members to be effective in every phase of the project
  • Reduce risk and improve certainty supporting clear Go/No Go project decisions
  • Organically nuture Project Management Best Practices