"There is nothing to lose and everything to gain. The ultimate deliverable of this product is a more positive financial outcome for your organization or project than if you had not used it. It might even have a positive impact on leadership's compensation. Slam Dunk!" Richard M. , Owner, Construction

mobile construction management software
project management software support and consulting

"We use this system daily for labor tracking and Project Management. The support is great with this company and we really enjoy working with them! It is easy to use and customizable so it fits our needs well. We can ask to add or remove features that we don't use and it is very easy to navigate." Shannon B. , HR Admin, Operations (51-200 employees)

"PM Vitals has done an excellent job in helping us bring all of our paperwork into one spot! Ease of Use, Customization, Their customer support is phenomenal. CSR was great through the sales aspect, and has been there ever since to help us through anything we needed to accomplish. Everything we have had issues with we have sorted out and found a fix for with the help of there support team." Kyle K. , General Foreman, Utilities (201-500 employees)

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"Customer Service is friendly, professional, and timely. Importing Excel Exports into the database for quick entry. Linking documents together, integrating the work flow. The search capability is AMAZING. You can find anything in so many different ways. Want paperless, immediate access from your phone or computer? Go with PMVitals."

Mary H.

Organizational Development Manager, Construction

"I have been using PM Vitals for just a few months and the system is so user friendly and intuitive. Learning the system has been painless! I believe that the major strength of PM Vitals is the customer service that is provided... He has worked with me thru every issue and made the learning process enjoyable... I can call at any time and he will be available. He has a sense of humor and always seems to understand my questions and how to resolve any problems I have."

Lisa G.

Construction Turnover Specialist, Government Administration, (5001-10,000 employees)

"Best EHS Solutions Company I Have Ever Used. What makes this company and product the most unique is the people they have standing behind the product to help make you successful. The expanded and almost limitless functionality along with product support can accomplish anything... As a result of the pros stated above, some setup can be a little clunky. Not a big problem at all. Once setup is done, you do not have to revisit again."

T Clark W.

Corp. Director of Safety, Construction (201-500 employees)

"I like the ease of use and the ability to establish links to other documentation. Most requested changes were easily incorporated. I like that it allows for electronic signatures. Don't be afraid to ask if it is possible to make a change to the system. The PM Vitals team were most always able to accommodate the changes requested."

Leasa H.

Procurement Manager, Construction

"Ease of use, and quick responses to our requests, questions, or concerns. What do I like least about this product? Hmm, nothing comes to mind. Take the time and give PM Vitals a good look. You'll be amazed by the functionality."

Toni W.

Document Control Specialist, Construction

"Excellent interface, quick and intuitive to use, loss of functionality & user control versus excel. The setup and use of this software was very intuitive. No real learning curve, had a cost estimate up and running in no time. The ability to break up jobs into multiple areas and cost types was very handy. Some of the loss of user control versus MS Excel hampered the use of this program as a sole means of cost estimating."

Erik A.

Civil Engineer

"User-Friendly, nicely organizes project info & comparable to a program to what we used in the past. I like that I can produce multiple documents with the information I enter that is very pertinent to my job. It saves time in the long run and helps makes things very consistent within our company."

Meghan N.

Engineer Technologist

"The software is very user friendly. It does not take a lot of time to get used to the setup and get familiar with the functionality. Though I have not had any direct dealings with the vendor, I do know/have heard they are very helpful and have been great to work along with in customizing this tool for our personal needs."

Joel D.


"The software offers a complete library of standard pay items which makes it very easy to create your cost estimates."

Jairo R.


"Setting up projects within the database has helped streamline pay items across all disciplines which will improve our work product. Eliminating paper diaries will help give real time data to our clients about our projects."

Jennifer P.

Director of Engineering

"I like that the information is immediately available to the project engineer. Electronic reports save on paper work and bulky files in the field."

Bruce S.

Resident Engineer

"It is user-friendly and saves a lot of time in the long run. Makes things very consistent throughout our company."


Consultant, Construction

"I am impressed with how once the information is entered, it can be used through the whole project process through completion."

Mary C.


"This software has been tweaked to specifically meet the needs of our organization. The customer support services have been top notch. They are not happy unless we are happy."

Joseph N.

Senior Project Manager

"Many pros: Simplicity of use, short learning curve, everything in one place is a huge plus, the ability to share information with co-workers at a moments notice is invaluable."

Marc M.


"The software is very easy to use and intuitive. It works on a browser on all types of devices so you can take your work on the go if necessary."

Troy G.

Project Engineer

"I like how it is an all-in-one program that is linked with everyone and everything. We don't need multiple programs or software anymore and everyone has access to it."

Sylvia M.

Administrative Assistant

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