Implementation & Training

We take time to get to know your needs up front. We take our experience in the field to put ourselves in your shoes and determine the best way to roll out PM Vitals.

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  1. Identify Goals & Objectives

    Upon acceptance, PM Vitals will sit down with the leadership team to identify high-level goals and objectives.

  2. Outline A Plan

    We grant access to your chosen modules and dashboards, ensuring we communicate how these fit into your objectives.

  3. Execute The Plan

    It’s time to try and test the system. This is typically done with a subject matter expert or end user.

  4. Feedback

    Send your comments to PM Vital's group of seasoned project managers for review.

  5. Configure

    PM Vitals tweaks system to fulfill your needs.

  6. Accept

    Add more users and continue to test your system to confirm it meets your needs.

  7. Repeat

    Tackle the next issue until you’re comfortable using the software.

  8. Train

    During the implementation process, you’ll have your in-person training. We’ll come to you and demonstrate how to use your new system and answer your questions. PM Vitals also offers a training library, including documentation and live and recorded webinars.

"This software has been tweaked to specifically meet the needs of our organization. The customer support services have been top notch. They are not happy unless we are happy."

Joseph N.

Senior Project Manager

"What makes this company and product the most unique is the people they have standing behind the product to help make you successful. The expanded and almost limitless functionality along with product support to accomplish anything. We have not ran into an issue that the product cannot address which is very uncommon with these types of products."

T Clark W.

Corp. Director of Safety

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