Notable Features

Notable Features

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Expert Setup & Training

PM Vitals provides its own support team so you don’t have to staff up just to use the latest in safety management technology. While our software can usually self-diagnose its own issues, you’ll always be able to reach out to your dedicated support staff directly by telephone or email.


Cloud Backup & Recovery

Accidentally delete an important document? No problem. Our fast, reliable and secure data center continuously sync and back up your entire account. This means that content retrieval is easy, and secondary backup services (such as paper spreadsheet copies) are no longer necessary.

Web-Based & Hassle Free

Forget difficult downloads, CD-ROMs and tedious installs. Our 100% web-based software gives you immediate access to your safety program on any operating system including iOS, Linux, Windows and Android.

Mobile, Tablet & Desktop Compatible

All of PM Vitals’s application pages and modules are device agnostic. This means that each page will automatically change and adapt to your device’s screen size for an optimal user experience.

Unlimited Users & Sites

PM Vitals gives your company the flexibility it needs to grow by allowing you to manage all your personnel and facilities from one dashboard without limitation and without incremental cost.

Real-Time Analysis & Reporting

View your data live in real-time and at any time. When using PM Vitals, your safety program data will sync without delay, always and on its own.

3rd Party Integration Options

Need to sync your safety data with another system? Already have a safety program, and want to sync it with one of our existing safety modules? Give us a call!

Custom Alerts & Notifications

PM Vitals makes your work easier using automated notifications and report distribution. Users receive personalized emails & reports that keep things from being missed.