Specialty Contractors

Managing construction jobs doesn't have to be a headache.

Specialty Contractors

Managing construction jobs doesn't have to be a headache.

  • Administrative burden
  • Managing project resources and performance
  • Field and home office collaboration
  • Tracking key project indicators

Behind the scenes of every aspect of every job there is a constant flow of documents, processes, approvals, reviews, and reporting that needs to take place. It doesn't take long before a routine document becomes urgent or something truly important gets missed.

We get it.

That’s why we created PM Vitals, a PM software that provides an easy-to-use platform for automating, organizing, moving and maintaining all of those behind-the-scenes documents and processes. All the while, real-time user input is configured to help users at any level to see what's important.

If you’re currently managing your construction projects through emails, spreadsheets, and a loose assortment of documents, you need to know there’s a better way.

  • Maintaining administrative documentation
  • Managing project resources
  • Keeping projects on time and budget
  • Improving field performance

Managing construction jobs can be a headache. From administrative documentation to managing resources to execute the jobs, keeping all the pieces together and moving smoothly can be exhausting.

We get it.

That’s why we created PM Vitals, the Project Management System created specifically for construction projects by people with construction backgrounds. PM Vitals provides an easy-to-use, affordable system for managing all of your construction project information—improving project visibility, clarity, and overall field performance.

If you’re currently managing your construction projects through emails, spreadsheets, and a loose assortment of documents, you need to know there’s a better way.

Built With the Specialty Contractor in Mind

What if you could easily enter data on-site and manage workflow from the ground up—RFIs, change orders, timesheets, drawings, etc.?

PM Vitals brings real-time information to the forefront, allowing you to concentrate on the action items that will keep the project on time and on budget. Make decisions faster, mitigate risk on the spot, and increase your margins through accurate planning.

Find the visibility you need.

With a project management system like PM Vitals, you can get away from the hodgepodge of systems you’re currently using and pull all that stuff into one system. One dashboard configured exactly the way you want it gives you the visibility you need into each and all of your projects. You can know exactly where each piece of each project is at a glance.

Streamline your processes.

Get the power to manage change orders, RFIs, and other potential delays to your project at much faster speeds and with fewer headaches. Streamline your processes and eliminate time-wasting tasks by automating the ones you do over and over. Keep track of all your documentation as it passes through necessary channels without having to chase people down and figure out who had it last.

Manage from the field.

This software is great for using on tablets and phones, so your crews in the field can access everything they need on the go. Configure user permissions so they can get to what they need and nothing they don’t.

A cost you can afford.

The modular nature of PM Vitals means you pay for only the features you need… and none that you don’t! Our software gives you all the capability of the big-name systems at a fraction of their price tag. Our specialty subcontractor clients’ favorite modules include:

Specialty Contractors

Daily Log

Create a Daily Log from the field with ease. Daily Logs include summaries of the work performed along with photos.
Specialty Contractors

Drawings & Plans

Upload and store project drawings and plans to give your project team access to the most current document set.
Specialty Contractors


Plan your submittals, route your submittals for review, and then store your submittals for your project team to access.
Specialty Contractors


Initiate an RFI from anywhere. Include question(s), attach photos, and incorporate documents to help clarify the message.
Specialty Contractors

Change Manager

View the whole project, from potential changes to final acceptance, complete with pictures, notes, and links to supporting documents.
Specialty Contractors


You can setup your company’s standard forms that are then accessible to all users and can be used on all projects.
Specialty Contractors


Give employees access to enter their time and route timesheets for review prior to acceptance.
Specialty Contractors


Track your planned quantities against the quantities installed to give you a real-time physical progress.

Partner with PM Vitals

Dealing with the hassle of managing changes and delays due to RFIs can not only be frustrating for you to deal with, it can make you lose face with your customer.

Future work depends on you having a good reputation, but sometimes it feels like those factors are out of your hands.

Furthermore, you may be concerned that because you don’t have the margins that a larger General Contracting firm has, you might have doubts about the affordability of the kinds of systems they have to keep all the chaos contained.

Notable Features

Specialty Contractors

Expert Setup & Training

PM Vitals provides its own support team so you don’t have to staff up just to use the latest in safety management technology. While our software can usually self-diagnose its own issues, you’ll always be able to reach out to your dedicated support staff directly by telephone or email.

Specialty Contractors

Cloud Backup & Recovery

Accidentally delete an important document? No problem. Our fast, reliable and secure data center continuously sync and back up your entire account. This means that content retrieval is easy, and secondary backup services (such as paper spreadsheet copies) are no longer necessary.
Specialty Contractors

Web-Based & Hassle Free

Forget difficult downloads, CD-ROMs and tedious installs. Our 100% web-based software gives you immediate access to your safety program on any operating system including iOS, Linux, Windows and Android.
Specialty Contractors

Mobile, Tablet & Desktop Compatible

All of PM Vitals’s application pages and modules are device agnostic. This means that each page will automatically change and adapt to your device’s screen size for an optimal user experience.
Specialty Contractors

Unlimited Users & Sites

PM Vitals gives your company the flexibility it needs to grow by allowing you to manage all your personnel and facilities from one dashboard without limitation and without incremental cost.
Specialty Contractors

Real-Time Analysis & Reporting

View your data live in real-time and at any time. When using PM Vitals, your safety program data will sync without delay, always and on its own.
Specialty Contractors

3rd Party Integration Options

Need to sync your safety data with another system? Already have a safety program, and want to sync it with one of our existing safety modules? Give us a call!
Specialty Contractors

Custom Alerts & Notifications

PM Vitals makes your work easier using automated notifications and report distribution. Users receive personalized emails & reports that keep things from being missed.

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PM Vitals stands apart because our passion is helping the smaller contractor eliminate the headache, improve their processes, and ultimately make more money.

We stand beside our product, offering you exactly the functionality you need to be successful and helping you with every step of implementation, as well as always being available for support once you’re up and rolling. If having a software partner who cares about your success sounds great to you, let’s talk. Give us a call at (888) 733-8520 to chat with us about your unique challenges, or request a demo today!