1How will implementing PM Vitals help my team?

Many construction companies know how to build but are still relying on paper documentation, manual processes, spreadsheets to run the business and move info and documents throughout the many processes it takes to run and organize a business. With today’s technology, this approach is slow, disjointed and expensive. Because these tools are not collaborative, project stakeholders are often not on the same page. Executing processes manually means that everything, including key issues, are quietly slow-walked to their resolution. Unless changed, this will simply drag on companies’ profit and ability to perform jobs at their very best.

The PM Vitals Platform was designed to change the way contractors fundamentally handle, move, access and communicate everything it takes to successfully execute projects in today’s mobile world. Having mobility and remote access to virtually all project info, combined with automated workflows and alerts and mobile apps, results in significantly faster project times, cost savings and increased margins. Additionally, field managers, office staff and crews can experience drastically increased efficiency and productivity.

For executive and upper level needs, real-time portfolio reports and dashboards display project performance, allowing you to easily see from any mobile device where teams are on a project and understand where to focus them.

Simply put, there is a smarter, faster and less expensive way to create, connect and handle project information, and we are here to help you transition your team to a better approach.

2Is PM Vitals difficult to use?

No, PM Vitals is designed for use by members of your organization at all levels, regardless of how tech-savvy they may be. Furthermore, we include training and support with every subscription package, meaning that we will take the time to make sure your team is comfortable using the product before we consider implementation completed. We’ll always be here for support when you need it, even after you’re up and running with the system.

3Will you have access to any of your client's personally identifiable information (PII) or non-public information (NPI)?

Yes. Name and e-mail addresses of your client and your client suppliers are required to establish a user account. This information is permissioned to administrators and permission groups depending on access.

4Is your platform available from anywhere the Web is?

Yes. PM Vitals is a cloud-based system and can be accessed via a web browser or through our mobile application.

5Can PM Vitals reports be changed or modified to fit our needs?

Yes. We have standard reports but we understand the need to be have some flexibility, therefore we do offer Report development as a service.

6Does PM Vitals have dashboards for users? Are they configurable by each user?

Yes and yes. Our system is configured for the overall businesses but also for users management styles as well. Each user can select how they want their dashboard to look and what information meaning full to them.

7Can PM Vitals be integrated with our accounting system?

Yes. You can align your project cost with PM Vitals and then use the software to track against your budget.

8Can access to PM Vitals be provided to outside stakeholders or subs on a limited or full access basis? Is there an additional cost for this?

Yes. Any access level for outside stakeholders can be granted and at no additional cost.

9Will your training be with a live instructor or web-based?

Both options are available.

10Do you have Help Desk?

Yes. More importantly, you will be assigned an individual implementation specialist who will know you and your system. This single point of contact is available during regular business hours and for urgent needs. This philosophy should eliminate your need for a Help Desk.

11Is PM Vitals a month-to-month contract or annual subscription?

Typically, our service is month-to-month, but we also offer discounts for annual subscriptions.

12Can our historical data be imported into PM Vitals?

Yes. Although most opt to start fresh and do not have the time for historic data to be imported, just about any data can be added to your system. Depending on your goals and the amount of data, we offer services to support your efforts.

13Why do I need a project management solution?

You don’t. However, if you find things often slip through the cracks and if “not being on the same page” causes mistakes, PM Vitals is a great way to help. Or, if you want to improve visibility and add accountability throughout entire organizations, we can help.

14What benefits does a system like this bring to me internally? How about externally?

Internally, adding PM Vitals will help everyone in your organization. From streamlining and organizing everyday tasks and processes to providing an overall project structure that teams can work within, PM Vitals will make life easier on your staff.

Externally, organizations who can present a better way for their clients to monitor projects or for potential clients, a well-organized and presented system like PM Vitals will add confidence that your organization will outperform your competitors.

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