Low-Cost Project Management Software for the Construction Industry

Are you shocked at what project management software can cost? Maybe you’re currently using a “premium” piece of software to manage your construction projects but you’re starting to suspect that you’re paying for features that you really don’t need.

Current project management software often includes a lot of bloat that doesn’t serve the customer. PM Vitals set out to turn this software model on its ear by creating a low-cost, modular system that offers exactly what users need to manage their construction projects efficiently and effectively without forcing them to pay for features they don’t need.

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Our subscription plans start as low as $600 per month.

Pay only for the features you need

Your subscription includes unlimited projects and unlimited users. When you schedule a demo with us, we’ll take you through the software so you can see exactly what we offer, and we’ll ask you a lot of questions about what your needs are and what you would find useful. Then—and only then—will we design a package that will suit your needs. You won’t have to commit to anything until your software package looks exactly how you want it.

Included with all of our software pricing is our unparalleled support throughout the entire implementation and training processes. Even after you’re up and running, you can always call us if you ever have questions or concerns. That’s our commitment to making sure you love working with us.

Partner with PM Vitals

If you’re sick of overpaying for construction project management software, or if you got sticker shock when you started shopping, let’s talk.

We can beat your "premium" software's price by as much as 50% annually. Give us a call at (888) 733-8520 or request a demo online today.